JN Test Suite Platform Description

JN Test Suite is an open platform for prototyping, automated testing and monitoring of services in GSM/UMTS and IMS networks.

Product Details

Follow three easy steps to adopt JN Test Suite Platform for service prototyping, testing and monitoring:

Model the required test logic with a state machine

A state machine contains states and transitions between the states.

Typically, requests or responses are sent in a given state, corresponding events are received, and transitions are made to other states depending on the events and conditions.

Use XML notation to describe the state machine for the test

XML syntax follows W3C State Chart XML specification.

XML script and corresponding input data are deployed to JN Test Suite engine using system's HTTP Restful interface

Run the test and have the results

Test execution produces corresponding test results.

Logs, traces and sequence diagrams are also associated with the results.

Use the system's HTTP Restful interface to retrieve the results.

Use Cases
  • Design & development of new services
    • Service prototyping
    • Network nodes simulation
    • End-to-end testing
  • Service deployment
    • Acceptance testing
    • Automated testing
  • Service monitoring
    • Service availability
    • Key indicators
    • Service level agreement parameters
Typical Test Scenarios
  • IN, NGIN and IMS service prototyping
  • Proof of concept
  • Functional acceptance testing
  • SLA terms monitoring
  • QoS evaluation
  • CAMEL subscription testing
  • Voice & Video calls testing
  • SMS services testing
  • Supplementary services testing
  • Billing testing
  • Open platform
  • Flexible test logic defined in XML scripts
  • Easy test logic creation and modification
  • Rich set of protocols: ISUP; MAP; INAP CS1+; CAMEL 1,2,3,4; SIP; DIAMETER
  • Multi-protocol tests
  • Restful HTTP interface for easy integration with testing consoles and development tools
  • Built on top of TeleStax / Mobicents Platform
  • Reduced time-to-market for new services
  • Avoid time and costs consuming manual testing
  • Re-test avoiding multiple effort
  • Increase network reliability
  • Early identification of issues that affect service quality and user experience
  • Short error resolution times
  • Measure and manage the service availability and service level agreement parameters

JN Test Suite is a quick, cost effective and easy service prototyping tool. Normally, it can take several hours to implement the corresponding service logic in one ore several XML scripts, and deploy the scripts to JN Test Suite platform as a prototype of the planned service.

The prototype can be effectively used to proof the concept behind the service at the early steps of the project, check and eventually modify the planned service application logic.

Network nodes

New service development requires an environment where the developed service can establish controllable communication with the remote nodes in the GSM/UMTS/IMS networks.

XML scripts are created and deployed to JN Test Suite Platform for simulating the required behaviour of the remote nodes in the network that communicate with the service under development.

This scenario brings full featured and controllable network behaviour at the developer's desk and eliminates the need to connect to a real network during the development.

Automated end-to-end and acceptance testing

A set of end-to-end and/or acceptance tests can be developed in XML scripts and deployed to JN Test Suite Platform.

The test can be easily run and repeated in automatic mode eliminating the effort, time and costs associated with manual testing.

Monitoring of services in

XML scripts that simulate service requests can be created and deployed to JN Test Suite Platform, for constant periodic monitoring of services in production.

JN Test Suite will repeat the tests. The corresponding results will be collected and used for calculating service availability, KPIs, and SLA terms and conditions.