JN Test Suite Platform

Service prototyping, testing and monitoring

An open platform for prototyping, end-to-end automated testing and monitoring of services in GSM/UMTS and IMS networks.

Supports wide range of protocols, including ISUP, MAP, CAMEL 1,2,3,4, INAP CS1+, SIP, DIAMETER, etc. Exposes XML syntax for describing the logic of the tests.

Radically decreases time and costs for deploying new services and improves the quality of services installed in production.

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Multi-Ringing and Multi-SIM Solution

Single MSISDN, Multi IMSI / Parallel Ringing Solution

Several additional SIM cards (Extra cards) share the same identification (Main card) MSISDN number. Customers can have separate devices, for example a mobile phone, a car-phone and a PC -based Soft Phone, all sharing the same Main Card MSISDN, and can then be reached simultaneously on all of these devices.

Multi-SIM service and the corresponding multi-mobile subscription bundles present a lucrative opportunity to lock in the customers and encourage usage through attractive pricing and by getting another phone in their hands.

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SIP Business Trunking Solution

Subscribing for SIP Trunking service businesses can integrate their IP based PBXs and extensions with operator’s network over an IP connection.

Operators gain competitive advantage from traditional and alternative operators. Customers re-use broadband infrastructure with multiple services.