Middleware for Enhanced Accuracy Positioning

Positioning Middleware can be delivered in a configuration that combines radio signal measurements with fingerprinting of the locations. This hybrid approach provides a significant improvement of the positioning accuracy.

In addition to usual network centric messaging in the core network the hybrid configuration analyses and uses the radio signal related patterns in the network. Different locations in a given area have their own vector of radio signal related parameters. This information is first collected and stored in a database and then processed resulting in location specific patterns (fingerprints).

The middleware with enhanced positioning accuracy collects specific characteristics of radio signals which the target’s terminal experiences at a certain position on a site and adds some additional information during the positioning retrieval process. This data is matched against the patterns in the database with the positioning fingerprints. In result, the accuracy of positioning is significantly improved.

  • GMLC node in the core network with HTTP interface towards location clients
  • Hybrid technology: standard Cell Id & Antenna Sector enhanced with radio signal and/or time measuring and pattern matching
  • Stand-alone SMLC nodes in the access network
  • Enhanced positioning accuracy
  • Multi-service support
  • Requires the availability of specific features in the access network nodes as a pre-requisite
Related products

Mass Positioning Middleware

Mass Positioning Middleware monitors and stores all presence and positioning events in a particular area.

Once collected this data can be further analysed and can provide information such as:

  • Who was in the given area at some particular time?
  • Which subscribers entered or left the area in a given time period?
  • What was the presence and/or wireless activity in the area before or after a given event?