LBS Target Groups and Applications

Location based services bring important information for a wide range of target groups and applications, including enterprises, consumer communities, public safety and lawful enforcement agencies, mobile operators, organisations responsible for public infrastructure.

Network-Centric Positioning

Applicata Positioning Middleware applies a network centric approach for retrieving information of the current or last known geographical location of mobile subscribers in GSM/UTMS networks combined with their state (idle, busy, detached, etc.).

Compared to mobile centric positioning methods, the network centric positioning approach does not depend on the specific terminals and does not require special hardware and software installed there.

Gateway Mobile Location Centre (GMLC) Middleware

The solution comprises a Mobile Gateway Location Centre (GMLC) in the core network exporting easy to use HTTP based interface to LCS clients for placing subscriber specific positioning and state related requests and receiving corresponding responses.

In addition, Applicata GMLC comprises the required functionality for Cell ID and Antenna Sector Positioning. It can be installed in any GSM/UMTS networks without the need of any additional network features.

GMLC Middleware can optionally communicate with Applicata or third parties SMLC nodes in the network for better positioning accuracy.


Businesses looking for separate private and business subscriptions:

  • GMLC node in the core network with HTTP interface towards location clients
  • Positioning accuracy based on Cell Id and Antenna Sector
  • Support of all GSM/UMTS networks
  • Positioning of local subscribers in local and/or foreign networks
  • Quick installation in any GSM/UMTS network, does not require any additional network features or upgrades
  • Multi-service support
  • Multi-network support
  • Support for 2G, 3G & 4G access networks
  • High performance
  • Dual resiliency option
  • Upgradable for enhanced positioning accuracy
  • Enhancements for lawful enforcement operation
Related products

Mass Positioning Middleware

Mass Positioning Middleware monitors and stores all presence and positioning events in a particular area.

Once collected this data can be further analysed and can provide information such as:

  • Who was in the given area at some particular time?
  • Which subscribers entered or left the area in a given time period?
  • What was the presence and/or wireless activity in the area before or after a given event?
Optional upgrades

Middleware for Enhanced Positioning Accuracy

Mass Positioning Middleware