Gateway Mobile Location Centre (GMLC)

LBS interface, Cell ID and Antenna Sector Location

Executes positioning requests for specified target subscribers sent by Location Based Services. Delivers subscriber's last known or current position with regular accuracy based on cell id and antenna sector, and subscriber state.

Supports all GSM and UMTS networks without requiring any additional network features or upgrades.

Multi-service, multi-networks support. Scalable towards enhanced accuracy positioning.

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Middleware for Enhanced Positioning Accuracy

Executes positioning requests for specified subscribers sent by Location Based Services. Delivers positioning with enhanced accuracy at affordable costs.

Implements a hybrid technology incorporating radio signal parameters with location fingerprinting.

May require access network upgrades with additional features.

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Middleware for Mass Positioning

Monitors the access network and stores all network attach/detach events and subscriber id entering/leaving specific areas. Stored data can be queried by Location Based Services on demand.

Stored data can be further analysed and can provide information such as:

  • Who was in the given area at some particular time?
  • Which subscribers entered or left the area in a given time period?
  • What was the presence and/or wireless activity in the area before or after a given event?

No additional network features or upgrades are required.