JN Test Suite Console

JN Test Suite Management API

JN Test Suite exports documented HTTP RESTful test management API for:

  • deploying/undeploying tests and the related resources and input data
  • running the tests
  • retrieving the results

The HTTP based test management API is the key factor for easy integration of JN Test Suite Platform with third party test management consoles.

Here is an example of API request for deploying a test named test1 using curl:

$ curl -v -X PUT --data-binary @test1.zip -H "Content-Type: application/zip" --user jnts:jnts

JN Test Suite Console Sreenshots

JN Test Suite comes with its own ready for use GUI console, JN Test Suite Console. It implements the JN Test Suite test management API.

Third party consoles can be eventually integrated with JN Test Suite Platform. The integration is based on implementation of the documented JN Test Suite Platform RESTfule HTTP management API. Once integrated, these consoles can be used instead of JN Test Suite Console.

Some screenshots from JN Test Suite Console are shown below.

Automatic XML Encoding of Binary Protocol Messages

JN Test Suite management API supports automatic conversion of binary protocol messages to corresponding XML notation. This functionality provides a quick and easy "copy and paste" way of creating test script fragments.

JN Test Suite Console provides a graphical user interface for using this feature of the platform (shown in the screenshots below).

Just copy the binary content of a message in a Wireshark trace and paste it in JN Test Suite Console: the XML notation for this message will be returned.

JNTS Console: it uses JN Test Suite HTTP RESTful interface

JNTS Console: Some tests deployed to JN Test Suite Platform

JNTS Console: The results after executing the tests

JNTS Console: The results after executing the tests

JNTS Console: Automatic encoding of binary message content to XML syntax