:q Products for GSM/UMTS Networks

JN Test Suite Platform

Service prototyping, testing and monitoring

An open platform for prototyping, automated testing and monitoring of services in GSM/UMTS and IMS networks.

Supports wide range of protocols, including ISUP, MAP, CAMEL 1,2,3,4, INAP CS1+, SIP, DIAMETER, etc. Exposes XML syntax for describing the logic of the tests.

Radically decreases time and costs for deploying new services and improves the quality of services installed in production.

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JN Intelligent SS7 Message Router

Routes SS7 messages depending on
Destination and/or Origination Addresses
and/or on paramterers in message payload
and/or parameters retrieved from dynamically provisioned lookup tables.

Flexible routing rules.

Dual resilient operaton option.

High performance and scalability.

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JN Service Broker

Service orchestration and composition between heterogeneous networks and protocols

Provides an open, flexible and easy to set logic for composing bundles of services that do not depend on service vendors or access technologies

Bundles of existing services extend the set of subscribers who use the services.

Includes Service Orchestration Function, IN-to-IN Trigger Management (TRIM) Function, IM-SSF Function, Reverse IM-SSF Function, and Web 2.0 Service Gateway Function

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