Founded in 1991, Applicata delivers products and professional services for telecommunications and lawful enforcement sectors.

Applicata team guarantees that top quality products and services will be delivered within tough deadlines and budgets.

In our Portfolio

Applications and services for GSM/UMTS & IMS Networks

Platform for Service Prototyping, Testing & Monitoring

Middleware for Location Based Services

Professional Services


Platform for service prototyping, testing and monitoring

Intelligent SCCP Routing

Applications and services in GSM/UMTS networks

Applications and services in IMS networks

Middleware for Location Based Services, High Accuracy Positioning & Mass Positioning


System & service design, implementation and integration

TeleStax / Mobicents technology consultancy

Erlang & Erlang OTP based system design and development

Service prototyping
and service testing

Service provisioning
and mediation

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Proven and robust technology

Reduced cost of ownership

Solutions tailored to customer’s requirements and business needs

On-time delivery

Easy access to trained and qualified professionals

Round the clock support